Borrowing Historys: The Hound and the Raven complete 

I finally finished my illustration of CuChulainn and the Morrigan which I started waay back here!

I had to content myself with leaving it at a quickly colored sketch at the time, mainly because I lacked the skills to complete it to the level I envisioned.  Coloring still involves a considerable portion of playing by ear for me now, but I am pleased with how the Hound and the Raven has finally turned out.

For those unfamiliar with the subject, CuChulainn is a legendary warrior from Celtic (more specifically, Irish) mythology- his key defining charecteristics include his extreme youth, exceptional martial talent and his notorious battle frenzy- at the peak of which he lays into  friends and foes alike.  The Morrigan is a goddess of war who sometimes assumes the shape of a raven. She also has a personal bone to pick with CuChulainn. Both have their own entries in wikipedia and the like, but be warned that spoilers abound.

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