I learn all my Latin from Final Fantasy 

First of all in the News: Final Fantasy: Dissidia!

This treat is apparently part of the 20th anniversary commemoration of the FF franchise- in fact news about it was out in May.. but I’ve only just read about it- so bit of a delayed reaction here 😛

Now news about Dissidia-specifically the inclusion of Final Fantasy IX characters- is getting me pumped for a few reasons. 1)FF IX always seemed –undeservedly- a bit of an ‘unloved child’ to me and it’s one of my long time gaming wishes come true to see the creators finally giving it a nod by giving Zidane and Kuja an outing in Dissidia. 2)I am a Kuja fan. J 3)While having Kuja is sweet, having Zidane AND Kuja is just puts the icing on the cake. *Major FFIX plot spoiler: highlight to read.* To me those two are like the InuYasha and Sesshoumaru of Final Fantasy- just gotta love the..ahem… extremely volatile sibling rivalry thing going on there =D

Well then, what better to commerate the occasion than a celebratory picture? And I had just the image in storage too: all penciled and cleaned up,  just lacking that final burst of energy to color and spit and polish and what better time than now.


Except I couldn’t find it. Not after 2 days of searching and even checking with Neko at one point to see if I left it at her place. It’s the most major case of lost drawings I’ve had in memory. So driven by the need to pictorise the post, and to throttle the lemonade out of the proverbial lemon thrown down:

Dissidia oiwai


Time to get back to business now that I’ve worked off the urge to fan-art..for now 😉