Close enough :) 

  see you there! 

So here we go: Today Sora begins a three day stint in the first ever Singapore Toy and Comic Convention, forming team Pulp*Friction at Booth F03 with Gilamon in a partnership which also includes Zemotion from Booth 09 *waves*.


One thing I learnt from compiling our works for display: I’m hanging out with some pretty neat people in Sora. Seriously, looking back with a little distance in between makes me appreciate more than ever the thought and effort that each individual artist put into their work, especially our graphic novel series, Azure. I am humbled and grateful to be growing and working with such dedicated and passionate individuals..Thanks guys!


Also: minor achievement for me this time round- I’ve actually managed to finish preparations on schedule! While still aways from the ideal image of me calmly sitting with a drink in hand watching everyone else rush madly around, it comes close enough for the time being, I think ^_^