I’ve always been a neko lover as long as I can remember. And that’s saying something, cos my mum is pretty much the no-animal-in-the-house kind of mum. I remember bringing kittens home from the drains and streets and crying my heart out for having to dump them again. Now that I’m on my own, it’s just natural that I landed up working as a veterinarian assistant where I can have all the nekos I want.. the cuddly ones, the playful ones, the fierce ones, the talking ones (wowowow..) and the flying ones (when you try to give them injections).

Sora is the where I finally can make my dream of drawing manga come true. I’m forever grateful to all Sora members who have guided me through all this while.

Naturally, I’m Sora’s Neko. Soranoneko.

My debut Doujin was “The First Valentine’ in ‘Snowdrops’, a joint with a non-Sora artist. I’m really very shy of it cos it’s so lovey dovey. ‘A Heart That Shines’ in ‘Azure’ is my second one. It’s intended to be a longer running one. Other than that I have 2 more stories in mind. One is already on screenplay, and another one is still floating around in my head.

My favorite manga are Fruits Basket, HanaKimi, and Hana Yori Dango. Right now I’m also reading Ouran High, Kare First Love and Hot Gimmick.