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  • Rixou 12:42 pm on October 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    ‘Slayer’ Step-by-Step Part 1 

    Just thought I’d try documenting one of my pictures from start to finish for once. Here’s where I am now: 

    I tend to lose quite abit of detail when moving from pencil stage to inking stage when I’m setting up pictures I intend to color later. I’ll be trying to add some of those details back in the coloring stage. Here’s the pencil version:

  • Rixou 11:00 pm on May 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: an Tain, battle, Cattle Raid of Cooley, celtic mythology, CuChulainn, Gae Bolga, Morrigan, red branch, Setanta, Ulaid, Ulster cycle   

    Borrowing Historys: The Hound and the Raven complete 

    I finally finished my illustration of CuChulainn and the Morrigan which I started waay back here!

    I had to content myself with leaving it at a quickly colored sketch at the time, mainly because I lacked the skills to complete it to the level I envisioned.  Coloring still involves a considerable portion of playing by ear for me now, but I am pleased with how the Hound and the Raven has finally turned out.

    For those unfamiliar with the subject, CuChulainn is a legendary warrior from Celtic (more specifically, Irish) mythology- his key defining charecteristics include his extreme youth, exceptional martial talent and his notorious battle frenzy- at the peak of which he lays into  friends and foes alike.  The Morrigan is a goddess of war who sometimes assumes the shape of a raven. She also has a personal bone to pick with CuChulainn. Both have their own entries in wikipedia and the like, but be warned that spoilers abound.

    click to go to larger image in Deviantart

  • Rixou 12:34 pm on October 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: jomy, mu, soldier blue, terra e, toward the terra   

    Red Cross Terra? 

    red cross

    I have been seeing the above Red Cross poster on my daily commute.

    Being the Toward the Terra fan I am, the first thing that stood out to me was the kid with blue hair and pink/red eyes. A closer look turned up another ringer for Jomy and possibly a Nina too!


    Zoom and compare.

    And of course, that they are ranged around a earth- spriritual sanctuary of the Mu race and the titular ‘Terra’ – also helps the case.

    Just my Terra deprived brain playing tricks, or an intentional discreet tribute? I squee a little inside everytime I entertain the possibility of the latter. Seriously, this series deserves more love.

  • Rixou 10:54 pm on January 4, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: gadgets   

    Hello, 2009 

    First post of the year! I hope it’ll be one with many good things worth looking forward to.

    2008 closed with me getting hold of some neat pieces of design, thought they’ll be worth sharing here.

    First, there’s my i Dog from my office gift exchange.

    pluged in puppy

    plugged in puppy

    A speaker that doubles as a robotic pet. Barks and whines for attention, grooves to the music being played, and comes with volume controls too! The ‘mood matrix’ piqued my interest the most. The emotions of the iDog are shown through moving colored LED lights on it’s face, like so.

    jammin' puppy

    jammin' puppy

    There’s a whole range light movement patterns and color sets  which reflect emotions from ‘Ecstatic’ to ‘Bored’ or ‘Lonely’ or even ‘sick’. Part of the fun of getting to know this little critter is thumbing through the manual (ok maybe I’m strange that way) and getting to know what means what. It’s like learning a new language, and there’s a germ of a story there I think- perhaps it’ll incubate and surface with time 🙂

    Also on the topic of Christmas Presents, FSc had a lovely range this year.

    I’ve always adored FSc’s art, and discovering her equally creative and quirky range of products this year just made me an even bigger fan.

    Here’s one of my favorites. It came ready packaged for a friend, and I couldn’t bring myself to unwrap it. So the photos really don’t do it justice.

    "Cynthia's Mocha Mix"

    "Cynthia's Mocha Mix"

    When I requested FSc to add in my greetings in the design, I didn’t expect her to offer to personalise the artwork to add in the recipient’s name! It was a lovely touch on her part. Like her other works too, the can label was full of her signature quaint and off-beat doodles. Like the ingredients list below.

    hm.. wonder what it tastes like?

    hm.. wonder what it tastes like?

    As someone dabbling with products packaging and design myself, I am impressed (and somewhat humbled) by all the levels of detail which goes into her work. Having a ‘Gold Standard’ like her in front of me keeps me motivated!

    And lastly, I’ve finally made a move to add to my digital arsenal.

    black, shiny and new!

    black, shiny and new!

    I’m still getting my head around the controls and I suspect I wouldn’t be fully comfortable with the settings until I’m done with my first 2 or 3 tablet colored pieces. So there’s one of my first new personal challenges this year.

    Look forward to seeing how things turn out!

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