Polar AvatorHi, I’m Polar.

I’m a cheerful and laid-back like of person. I tend to be a bit of a slacker as well so seeing the rest hard at work, keeps me on my toes. I like to think up stories and think of ways to turn them into comics. But since thinking up stories is easier than drawing them, most of my stories are still in my head. Besides drawing comics, I also love gaming. Some of the games I like are The Sims, Suikoden and Katamari. Sadly, I do not have much time to play them T.T

Origin of Polar:
It’s a name given to me when I was in secondary school. The nickname stuck and most of my classmates called me by my nickname, even my Geography teacher knew about it! It was also during that period that I started drawing comics. At first it was those 4-panel comic strips that I submitted to Friday Weekly for publication. I wanted to post under a pen name, and Polar just came naturally to mind.

My deviantART page here