Rixou is a designer by training, an illustrator by interest, and a story teller by inclination. Travelling along the lines where ‘nothing’ becomes ‘something’, and ‘concept’ becomes ‘reality’ is a fascinating (and hazardous) journey, and Rixou enjoys company along the way, whether it is from other artists or readers.

UPDATE: Rixou accepts commissions!

Below is a sampling of Rixou’s works, both commisions and self created. If you would like to see more, head here for Rixou’s fantasy and fan art. Rixou is also a Deviant!

UPDATE 16/09/07: Rixou’s Linkages ^_^

Webpage of fellow local doujin group, Collateral Damage Studios!

Comments? Complaints? Contact Rixou here.

  • Line Art ++coming soon!++
  • Postcards/bookmarks

inspired by Raymond\'s poems

  • Illustrations
    • Originals

    inspired by The Dark is Rising Sequence books from \'2008\' calander

    • Commisions ++coming soon!++
    • FanArt

juuni inuyasha fanart

  • Graphic novels- selected works now published on ComicSpace!

someday_cover someday_p4

  • Greeting Cards/Book covers ++coming soon!++
  • Branding ++coming soon!++