Calendar 2008

When we decided to create a calendar for 2008, several themes were discussed. Finally we decided to pick the phrase “the calm before the storm” as the theme. The idea was to draw a picture of that split second before all the action was unleashed. All of us brainstormed together on pictures which might fit the theme and we managed to came up with a few. Not all made it into the final product though. All of us picked 1 or 2 ideas which appealed to us. It wasn’t easy and we faced a lot of problems drawing them. Fantasy drawings were still a fairly new area to us and some wondered if we had taken on more than we could chew. After 2-3 months of work, we managed to come out with 6 presentable drafts, coloured them and made them into a calendar.

It was a mad rush to get everything ready and it didn’t help that all of us were busy with our full-time jobs. Rixou designed the cover while Hotasuki helped out with the colouring. Soranoneko compiled and designed the calendar. There was a bit of a hiccup towards the crucial last few days when Soranoneko’s computer died. She had to borrow her friend’s laptop to continue working on the calendar. It was a relief after Rixou managed to get the calendar successfully printed.

We will be selling 10 copies at EOY’07 Anime @ Expo.

Calendar 2008