Feeding the Muse

While Rixou generally likes to have some music going in the background when I work,  I’m pretty much at a loss when it comes to using ‘proper’ terms- lounge, new age, R&B, rock and whatever have you-  to describe what I listen to. With me, things tend to be just broadly separated into ‘stuff I don’t like’ and ‘stuff I like’. In the latter category there is a section that goes- ‘Stuff that takes me away’. And deep within that is a shadowy valley with a signboard saying ‘What my inner muse would sound like if she could sing.’

 And the paragraph above is just a roundabout way of describing the arts festival performance by Yunyu. I attended the session on 3rd June, 7.30pm to 8.15 pm.

Click the album cover below for an audial – and visual- sample of her work.


I’m still finding it rather surreal that one of my ex class mates is now pursuing a musical career, cutting an album, winning accolades and giving performances at the esplanade. And maybe most surreal of all, that she is making music that makes my muse very happy. You go girl 😉

 P.S. if anyone’s, ahem,  surprised by my choice of music, no, I havent’ ‘gone goth’ – I’ve nursed a fetish for this particular brand of music since hearing Bjork years and years back-  now you know something new about me ^__~