C’est la Vie…

  Well,  it’s finally official. White Quill has _not_ been selected for the MDA grant. The outcome has been expected since the official ‘notification of selection’ date has long gone and the only response from the powers was a Stony Silence … being proven beyond any shadow of reprieve sure still stings though.

  I wanted to rant about the wait (2 months and 8 days, for a nil result), but the one paragrapgh I did bang out just wound up sounding really sore. I thought then that instead of whining and moaning I really ought to give thanks to all my friends who expressed their support, and especially to my partners here at Sora:

     So here’s to Polar who gamely combed through all the options to produce speech bubbles and speed lines of various shapes and sizes, and who was the one who got us the software used in the project in the first place. Neko chan- who devoted sleepness nights (and aching joints) to figuring out the finer points of screentoning. Without Neko’s hard work, the world of White Quill would lack all the subtleties of grey.  And also Hotasuki, who gave us our inimitable key antagonist in the world of White Quill and played the exacting critic in real life- _someone_ has to be the devil’s advocate, I suppose 😛

So that’s it- for now. Thanks everyone for coming along for the ride. I truly enjoyed this chance we had to work closely on a project of our very own:  last-day-before-submission angst and creaking joints nonwithstanding! 😉 I only wish I could have brought everyone further.. but it is not to be this time.

Some paths in the present have closed, but the journey of being an aspiring doujinshi-ka remains an exciting one. And, borrowing Neko chan’s words, we are still moving ahead, one step at a time.

noticed the sky lately?

Standing in as picture-of-the-entry: A gradated blue sky I noticed on my way to town. Unusual? Or maybe I just havent been paying enough attention to my surroundings..