I Made A Paper Wallet

Polar AvatorTried making a paper wallet based on instruction from Instructables. It was rather cool and I was mighty please with the result. I had to do it twice because I wasn’t satisfied with the first result. The folds did not align properly. The second try was better. I was more careful the second time.

I used a normal A4 paper. It was actually a photocopy of Rizou’s draft comic which was passed to me for me to add in the letterings. (Hope Rizou doesn’t mind.) Reasons why I used it:

  1. It’s a good representation of my interest in drawing comics
  2. I’m reusing old paper which will end up in the dustbin anyway. Save the earth!
  3. It’s handy (right on my desk) 😛

The post said that the wallet is durable, so I’ll test it out and see how long it lasted. It could hold 2-4 credit-sized cards easily and a few dollar bills. But I found the $50 note was a bit big and the top edge kept sticking out but $2-$10 notes fitted inside comfortably. One big drawback was that there was no pocket for coins, so I still have to bring my usual wallet (which had a big coins pocket and is thick) around as well. But this wallet will do well enough for traveling and times when I don’t need coins.

Photos of my newly made paper below. See how thin it is!

Thumbnails of the photos, click on them to see the larger version.

Paper Wallet Paper Wallet Paper Wallet Paper Wallet Paper Wallet