‘Cos you just can’t keep a good reploid down ;)

Rockman X4 (or Megaman X if you use the English name) was one of the few side scrolling action type games I played before I got resigned to the fact that, with my lousy motor skills, I was really better off sticking to playing RPGS.

    I did rather like the world of MMX though. It still amazes me that a 2D world where the bit rendered characters barely speak aloud (non cut-scene conversation is in scrolling text) can hold one’s imagination for so long and make you really _feel_ for the characters. And after stumbling on a string of speed runs of the game on Youtube recently, I got inspired to finish coloring a pencil sketch I started WAY before- while I was still playing the game.

      So.. here’s my take on Zero, the Crimson Hunter- in all his blonde glory 😀 I’m aware I’m probably bending some cardinal rule by ‘de-armoring’ a reploid (in MMX universe, reploids- like Zero here- are basically robots with human level AI, capable of independent thought). It was great fun to draw though, even if – as usually happens when I color manually- the original wound up rather on the light side. (am always paranoid about over-coloring >.<). Mm..making eye candy for self-consumption heheh. File under guilty pleasure 😉