Fruits Basket 21

The long awaited english version of Fruits Basket volume 21 by Chuang Yi is finally here. And I must say it’s my favorite volume so far. Takaya-sensei is just amazing, and the message she sends in Fruits Basket is so deep. I wish everyone I know would read this manga, but that’ll be kinda hard. So I took an excerpt of the volume to share it with whoever is reading this. Here goes..

If only we could have lived our lives without taking a single wrong turn.

If only we could have lived in a kinder world..

A world without anxieties.. without fear..

A world where nobody would get hurt.. or hurt themselves..

A world where only right things are being done.

If only there was a shortcut.. for us to reach out to..

A kind, compassionate world that we all long for.

‘You’ve made a mistake.. you’re an idiot..’

It’s easy to say such irresponsible things.. only because it’s someone else’s life you’re talking about.

If only we could.. live our lives.. without taking a single wrong turn.

But.. there is no such thing.

Sometimes we fail.. sometimes we trip…

Sometimes we get lost.. sometimes we make mistakes…

We just have.. to keep going..

Keep walking one step at a time.. on our own two feet.

Even if we might get bruised along the way..

We’ll all reach our destination someday..

A place where someone will be waiting for us..

That I pray for.

Come.. let us step out

(From Fruits Basket manga vol 12 ch123 by Natsuki Takaya. English translated volume published by Chuang Yi Comics.)

The story has taken quite a surprising turn. Those who have not been following would go ‘huh?’ if were told about what happened in this volume. But if you follow closely, it’s really a great story.

I simply love how Takaya-sensei twisted and turned the relationship between Yuki and Kyo. And I’m thrilled that Tohru ended up with the one I wished for her to end up with. And it’s not all lost-and-heart-break-thing for the other either (his fans may not agree with me). No spoilers here, so if you’re curious about what I’m talking about, just grab a copy and read it.

However, I sense that the end is coming. That’s the thing about following serial stories. You can’t wait for the next volume to come, and to find out how the story goes next. You’re dead curious and excited about how it’s gonna end. But when it really ends, you’ll be very sad cos it’s over. 

Sigh.. so I want to know how it’ll end but I don’t want it to end???