Nekochan discovered this wonderful comic by Jeff Smith at library@orchard some few years ago. What attracted me the most was the artwork. It’s in black and white, yet it’s very rich and attractive. The inking is superb. He uses black and white contrast very smartly.

Initially I picked up the volumes randomly as an when they were available at the library. That made me very curious of the actual storyline. And so I started putting reservations and reading the volumes in proper order. And I found the story is just as great as the art. Smith has admirable sense of humor, e.g. about the dumb rat creature monster who keep insisting to his comrade that they should eat their prey baked in quiche! Oh my!

Later on, I discovered that this comic book is self-published by the author! Now isn’t that an inspiration for us doujin artists?

Here’s one of my favorite cover art. For more information on BONE go to