Death Note Movie in Singapore… Finally!


     Rizou is is one excited camper right now, having finally spotted first signs of the arrival of the long awaited Death Note movie. The above picture was taken at Somerset MRT station, but according to my contacts 😛 , similar sightings have occured at Eunos, Raffles Place and possibly Orchard MRT stations.     

It’s funny thinking back to how I got into Death Note in the first place. In fact Hotasuki had previously reccomended the series, but I had put it on my ‘maybe… nah’ list because it seemed ‘too dark’. A few months later, just when I was nursing a fixation with the toothy grin of one Tatsuya Fujiwara, I flipped open the newspaper one day there was Fujiwara san peering out of a Death Note promotional picture! A quick check revealed that he was cast as none other than the main character Yagami Light. By then the movie had made it to my ‘must watch’ list 😛 so the next logical step was to look up the actual manga.

     The first volume captured me with it’s dense plot line and megalomanical (I mean, how many main characters decide that they want to become a ‘God’ by oh, say, chapter 2?)anti hero protagonist, both which were outside of what I had come to expect of a shonen manga. Then came book Two. And the decidedly oddball but irresistably likeable ‘ultimate weapon of the International Police Organisation’, L. From there onwards the rest was History. Rizou is at book 5 now, and firmly part of the fanfiction reading, fanart drawing, YouTube searching and generally all round otaku-ing Death note fandom.

Well back to the poster, seeing the below tagline attatched to the movie made me grin a little.


 I do wish it was something a little more.. original though. In fact the line which I found more inspiring was this one.


   All in all it’s somewhat surreal to see the objects of one’s personal manga fixation up for public consumption in this manner. Rizou’s not complaining though- you know where I’ll be on opening weekend ^_~