Of Cats, Mice and reading in Vertical Lines


     Rizou has recently been rediscovering the beauty of traditional chinese written prose.

     I have always had a soft spot for oriental pugilistic settings and the origin of this current fixation can be traced to a month back where in the midst of combating withdrawal symtoms brought on by discovering the anime ‘SaiunKoku Monogatari’ was not really a Crossover between Fushigi Yuugi and 12 Kingdoms (long story…), I finally got myself 3 volumes of the 12 Kingdoms novels at one go. That soon led to a full blown hankering for all things oriental and pugilistic and so far I’ve revisited 2 storys which I haven’t read in a LONG while (secondary school was the last time I read one of them) – Lu Xiaofeng and Sanxia Wuyi.

    As tends to happen for stuff I sink into, I soon found I had to draw the characters- which brings us to here: Above are two key characters from the Sanxia Wuyi(roughly translated as ‘The Three Pugilists and Five Fellows’) compilation. Fans of the Justice Bao series will be familiar with the character of Zhan Zhao (nicknamed the ‘imperial cat’), pictured on right. The one on the left is Bai Yu Tang (aka ‘Silken haired mouse’). It’s literally a cat and mouse relationship between ‘super-cop’ Zhan and Bai. Lots of fun to read- and draw. With abit of luck some of the pictures from this current ‘phase’ may make their way to print eventually. Will make sure to post notices online when that happens, so keep watching this space!