Japan Trip

Oh! I’m so excited now! Another 2 weeks and I’ll be flying to Japan for the Comic Convention. Actually, will be there for several Comic Conventions. I’m going on a 2 week trip.

I will try to take as many pictures of my trip there as possible (to record the comic trip), as I tend to take more pictures of scenery and buildings (your typical postcard shots), rather than picture of my personal experience.

Hmm, wondering if anyone else reading our blog at all? If anyone’s interested, I will put up an account of my trip, when I come back. But I won’t be too detailed unless there are actually requests for details of where to get anime merchandise, the conventions, the research an anime otaku needs for the trip.

…….. I think I’m kinda looking forward to the 3 day onsen trip more right now, with my aching shoulder.

As I’ve told Rizou just before the comic fiesta in Singapore, I’ve gone back to idol worshiping real life human beings again. This taiwanese boyband called ‘5566’, I’m slightly disappointed about the japan trip because it’s only taking place 2 weeks later.

Just realised this morning that xiezhi (the team leader) will be bringing the members of the J-Star team (for those that have no idea it’s the agency the boyband belongs to) to have a baseball match against a Korean all-star team in Tokyo this Thursday! Arghhh ! So close yet so far!!!!!!!

No more of this, otherwise I’ll be scolded by the other members of SORA for contaminating the site with none manga stuff. And NO I have no intention of drawing a doujin of the group despite the fact that you can find implied BL stuff about them all over the internet.