countdown to cosfest V

The neko is in a euphoric state, having completed A Heart That Shines chapter 1. There is just no negative side to it. The doujin’s completed, and I can continue reading Harry Potter peacefully.

Nowadays when SORA meet over the net, there’s an air of excitement around. Yeps.. Cosfest V is just around the corner. And since I submitted AHTS ch1, that’s all I think of everyday (when I’m not reading Harry Potter, that is).

Shame though, neko has decided not to cosplay.

Well… I’ve just finished my piece of cheesecake (Breadtalk slashed the price down, y’know.. it’s now $6.60 only!), and so now I have to start making leaflets to give away at SORA booth at Cosfest. Dunno what’s gotten into me, I actually volunteered to do it………